Team Events

CRC Showcase 2022

Celebrating our year of progress, CRC hosted an open event for the Cornell community where atendees could drive Lance, complete a bingo board, and participate in a raffle for team merch.

Attended our showcase? View the photo booth gallery here! (Requires Cornell login)

Norwalk Havok Robot League 2022

At long last, our first competition. CRC competed against various other combot robotics teams, unleashing Richard and Lance and ultimately qualifying for the semi-finals in December 2022.

Testing Event

This year, CRC hosted its first ever Testing Event! Atendees could see our robots Richard and Lance in action for the first time, meet the team, and got hyped for our competition in April! Each subteam also presented a trifold board to summarize their progress this semester.

Design Reviews

Our design process at CRC is driven by extensive planning, careful documentation, and constant feedback. We hold at least two Design Review events every semester where each subteam's progress is presented to the full team, friends of the team, and guest professors alongside a Q&A session to robustify our work. Whether it becomes a session of praise or a smackdown, we wouldn't be able to produce our our robots at this level of quality without putting the designs through our careful and engaging review process! Attending our design reviews is also a great way to see CRC in action -- stay tuned!